Sunday, January 20, 2013

Avon Fat Furnace Method for Weight Loss

If you want to Maximise the way you Melt your Belly Fat, you've come to the right place.
Just click on one of the Videos below for the Avon Fat Furnace Method.
The System was developed by Dr. Charles and over 60,000 people in the US are using right now!

The "Avon Fat Furnace" is a method designed to shift your body from storing fat into losing the fat...

The reason you must lose the fat in your stomach is because it presses your internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and disabling them to function normally, it also pressure your lungs and heart and thus creating a vicious cycle where your metabolism processes are impaired as well as creating many hormonal changes in your body that further create fat storage around your belly.

You have to stop this cycle and reverse it, otherwise you will head up to a dead end (literally) by getting high blood pressure, kidney failure, diabetes,  fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis.

The Avon Fat Furnace is designed to revers these processes by very small lifestyle changes, keeping you still eating what you eat, for example: Instead of cooking with Canola Oil or Soy Oil, you will switch to Coconut Oil, this simple and easy change by itself will reduce your Omega 6 Daily Oil consumption to minimum which will give you great results in and by reducing inflammation in your body you will easily burn more Fat from your body.

Please watch this short presentation for other helpful tips on Losing Fat

Friday, January 18, 2013

Scientific Weight Loss Tips Video

Here is a great video that summaries many Scientific Weight Loss Facts.

All the tips looks like they were taken from various diets and combined into one big list, so it looks like if you follow only 50% of the tips here you will see a significant weight lose in couple of weeks.
The Video is nicely edited and explained with the visual drawing to help you memories the weight loss tips.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Potato Diet

The Potato Diet is not for everyone to go for it, especially if you are diabetics.
But it is very effective in losing weight and if you try it for 2 months you will get great results.
Watch this short video of a guy that did this just to prove the point that potatoes don't make you fat, and on the contrary, potatoes can make you slim.
He did this because at some time there was a suggestions to eliminate potatoes from school foods as it was claimed that potatoes makes our kids fat.

Stephan Guyenet Interviewed this guy - his name is Chris Voigt
and here is the blog post of this interview :

One major explanation of the success of the potato diet is that people spontaneously reduce their caloric intake once they stick on this diet. Many people report a rapid fast loss on this diet.

This is the Facebook page of this diet and you can look around to see what people have to say about is,

Update: Here is Paul Jaminet's View on the Potato Diet: You should Google him as he is one of the greatest persona's who speak about primal diet...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Wheat Makes You Fat

Wheat products seem to be refuge to some health buffs and enthusiasts. However, consuming wheat has some effects that are unknown to most of us. America is being fed the whole grain hoax. Yes, we are.

What we thought of as nourishing, is actually a contributor leading us to a fragile state. Imagine, with just 2 slices of wheat bread, your blood sugar is bound to rocket up almost similarly as when you eat those code red treats!

According to William Davis M.D., most of his consultations are about those people who seek diabetes prevention and with all the relayed accounts he had come to a conclusion that these wheat products promise nothing but the same effect as some sugary junk food! Wheat products raise blood sugar. That is the bottom line.

So what he had resolved on doing is advising his patients to cut the wheat off their diets. Three months later, the same patients would revisit as living testimonies that without wheat, they are 30 lbs. lighter and with their blood sugar dropping from the diabetic or pre-diabetic range, to a neutral zone.

The miracles do not just stop there! These patients have commented on having to put away their inhalers as they have already recovered from asthma! They have lesser acid reflux, no irritable bowel syndrome, and the even their dreaded rashes have disappeared!

This will push us into drawing the conclusion that wheat have indeed given us some adverse effects that are certainly bound to wear and tear our system. Now how did we fall into an illusion that wheat can actually sustain our health?

Easy: we succumb into an addiction caused by Gliadin. This is a form of protein that is exclusive to wheat. Now this compound, when converted, has the ability to make its way through the finer, more delicate, sensors of the brain. Gliadin is an appetite stimulant and whoever consumes it, are bound to crave more and more.

The solution to this is easier than what is expected. No therapy. No expensive medical procedures. Just lay off the wheat! For the skeptics, this argument might not be good enough but make this one dare that you should not pass on. Besides, you have nothing to lose! Well, except for your man breast, soggy bottoms, and wheat belly.